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eden_fans's Journal

Eden Fans- A place for fic, fanart and squee.
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The official fan-group for Eden on LJ. All those fakers just can't handle it.

This is a haven for those who are fans of the legendary boyband that is:- EDEN. Any and all forms of worship are acceptable here- from squee posts, fiction, fan-art, primer posts, photo spam, discussions, pairing debates- if anything is related to the band, then we allow it here.

Please don't be shy- fans new and old are welcomed equally, we embrace the whole of Eden's wildly eclectic fanbase. We are an enitely open community ready and prepared to accept any new members that follow the rules and are prepared to be as insane as we are. There's a select group of people here who would be more than willing to inform any newbies of the band's overall greatness. Need more convincing? Did you miss their number one album(s), their hit singles, their cover on Rolling Stone magazine and the world-wide sell-out tour? There's plenty to appreciate about this successful, talented and dashing group of musicians in their own right.

We're not a bit biased by member preference- we're extremely so. Feel free to have favourites, just remember the reason why we're all here- their gorgeous harmonies and the damage they do to our hearts as a collective effort.

Few Tips.

No fighting with other members, unless it's with sarcasm or in lyric form. Then it's okay. Argue back, but accept when you're the one in the wrong. Mod's word is law. Personal life discussion of the members is allowed but rationally, please. There's no use clawing each other's eyes out when then we can't appreciate their beauty, eh? Safety first- meet-ups with other members at gigs, signings and other events can be organised through this community in a safe, and responsible manner, as and when. Stupid posts will be deleted. Stupid people will be deleted.

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Remember- we only go up, up~.
-- EDEN.